Our company specializes in Business Development, Management & Investments, focussing in Indonesia's natural resources, business opportunities and products distribution in the country. Our performance is measurable by the profits and return on investments we deliver. Our management approach is "REALISTIC & PRAGMATIC"
An Honest, Realistic and Achievable approach to  business success.


INDONESIA~Key Facts. A Country of Opportunities
* Young population of 250 million with less than 10% over 50 years old;  
* Annual GDP growth 5.0-6.5%; 
* Growth "internally" driven; 
* People's disposable income over 70%;  
* Abundance of natural resources, - coal, nickel, palm oil, agar wood, & agri     
* Opportunities in numerous public & private projects;
* A fast developing democratic country;
* Member country of ASEAN bloc with the biggest economy.

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