We provide a comprehensive range of services to support the needs of every business and company that is       
   pursuing growth or changes to progress.

  We understand each business or company have differing needs and we offer our services tailored to the specific needs.

  We take every engagement seriously. It's not about the usual consultancy, systems & methodology, statistics and data   
  analysis that are often promoted to project sophiscation. It's about understanding your business, the owners & 
  management, what you need and what can be done, and how every tools mentioned can be applied in a pragmatic manner 
  that is simple and not over bearing or complicated. It's about understanding and accepting changes to progress.

  Contact us to have a general discussion and assess for yourself what we can offer, and why we are different.

  Our past engagements are a story of commerce -
  * Port & Maritime Operations
  * Oil Refinery Inventory & Materials Control
  * Textiles manufacturing from spinning yarn to weaving fabric to garments
  * Packaging for renowned brands covering jewellery, watches, optical, cosmetics to IT products
  * Development of highlands from jungle to resort, property management
  * Call centers promoting healthcare products
  * Class 100,000 & GMP production facilities for medical device
  * Distribution and retailing, marketing strategies
  * Capital raising, IPOs, PE funding, Syndication loans
  * Business & Fraud Investigations, judiciary proceedings
  * Commodities supply chain management
  * Logistics operations from end to end, moving tonnages across countries
  * Renewable energy, from hydro to solar & wind
  * Contract negotiation & preparations of agreements, compliance and its process
  * Managing & training of human resources
  * Financial management & control

  Its a very rewarding 30 plus years in working with varying people, culture, understanding, expectations, and     
  their objectives.


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